May have tonsils and my gastroenterologist thought I had ulcerative colitis, need second opinion?

Age: 27
Medications: Claritin-D
General Information: – Age : 27

– Sex: Male
– Height: 5’9″ (175.26 cm)
– Weight: 179 lbs (81.19 kg)
– Race: Caucasian/Hispanic Mix
– Duration of complaint: several months for tonsils; since yesterday for rectum

– Location (Geographic and on body): California; Mouth; Rectum

– Any existing relevant medical issues (if any): Possibly have Ulcerative Colitis
Current medications (if any): I take an antihistemine
Include a photo if relevant (skin condition for example)

I really appreciate any medical advice given; I’ve been trying to get ahold of my primary for the past 3 days only to get the voicemail so I’m here trying to figure out what’s going on. Thank you for taking a look even if you aren’t able to leave a reply.

Picture of rectum (please note purple bumps towards the top and the big bump at the center right):

Picture of tonsils(to note, my last test for many stds revealed that I didn’t have anything. Have not had sex since then.):

I will be seeing my primary at some point but I’m here to see how severe it is and if there are any things I can be doing to lessen the issue. Thanks again for taking the time.

Other things to note:

– my last gastroenterologist thought I had ulcerative colitis but started to feel that he knew longer knew and referred me to Cedar Sinai so that they could figure it out. Unfortunately I can’t afford to go.

– I’ve had the tonsil issue since October 2017 got tested for stds and put on various antibiotics with no resolution.

– This bump(I first noticed it yesterday) seems to be a result of overeating last weekend(it was a cheat day; I have had a very strict 1400 calorie diet the other 6 days of the week for the past 2 months) that resulted in me having many bowel movements the following morning. I was curled up in the fetal position from the amount of bowel movements (for reference, I have a very high pain tolerance). I also had a butt plug in me for several hours two days ago.

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Dr. Javez Ernesto
10:19 pm

In my opinion the lumps are Perianal Hematoma caused by ruptured blood vessels around the anus – probably due to the butt plug. They should resolve by themselves in 4 -6 weeks. If painful it is possible to ask your doctor to drain them. Otherwise applying cold compresses and using OTC pain relievers may help. Consult your doctor if situation worsens or other symptoms appear.

Dr.Honey Arora
5:41 am

Hi.. I have viewed the images. As far as the purple lumps in perianal region is concerned it is looking like Perianal Thrombosis or Perianal Hematoma. It occurs due to accumulation of blood under the skin outside a blood vessel.. It can occur due to causes like Constipation, long sitting hours, forceful coughing, weight lifting etc.. You can do Sitz bath, do cool compresses and avoid activities like Weight lifting, running, sitting for long hours etc. If it progress then Incision and drainage can be done. As far as tonsils are concerned they appear badly infected. You should take antibiotics… Read more »