I have been having lower left pelvic pain that radiates to my groin, down my upper front thigh, hip and to lower back?

I have been having lower left pelvic pain that radiates to my groin, down my upper front thigh, hip and to lower back. It gets severe after my period ends and sometimes around ovulation and can last for days. I had a Plain CT scan without contrast last June in the ER when I first had this severe pain. It came back normal. I am worried maybe it missed something ( like diverticulosis and or diverticulitis. I was wondering if a 3T MRI without contrast would be able to diagnose and or rule out diverticula and diverticulitis? I cannot tolerate the contrasts or dyes as I get nasty adverse reactions to them.

Age: 43
Medications: none
General Information: I have seen sevreal doctor’s and keep getting bounced around. This issues started last June. I keep having episodes. I was told it may be gynelogical. I consulted with a gynecologist who specializes inn gyne issues and he said he could do a laprsocopy to explore. I want to be sure this lower left pain is Not being caused by something else like Diverticulosis / diverticulitis before going under the knife. I am super sensitive to chemicals in general and get nasty reactions. I have read that 3T MRI has higher resolution and can diagnose issues without the use of the dyes and contrasts. Is this true?? Would a 3T MRI be able to see diverticula and diverticulitis?

I have had frequent bowel movements?

I have had frequent bowel movements. 4 within the first hour of waking up.Two were normal and two or looser not watery. No other symptoms but experiencing a great deal of anxiety lately. Happened three times last week and then stopped and again this morning

Age: 55
Medications: None
General Information: Not yet! Need to schedule colonoscopy but unsure if this is an immediate concern

Can shingles affect the gastro intestinal tract?

Can shingles affect the gastro intestinal tract? Since a bout of shingles in Dec. 2017, I have experienced lack of hunger, queasy stomach and sometimes stomach pain when ingesting food. When food has been taken, bowels become erratic and sometimes with spontaneous movements. Movements sometimes occur two or three times a day tho little food is eaten. Sometimes bowels appear to contain micous. Movements occur with little or no normal indicators such as stomach growling or gas passing. Occurences sometimes by just standin from a sitting position with no prior need to excrete felt before standing.

Age: 58
Medications: tylenol

I’m experiencing a strange feeling in my head and throughout my body?

I’m experiencing a strange feeling in my head and throughout my body. Tuesday night, at around 9:40 pm, I was at work and taking my final break. I suddenly started to feel a sick feeling in my stomach. Almost immediately, my head felt strange. It feels like vertigo, but I’m not experiencing the ‘room spinning’ feeling. It’s like a tightness all over my head. My vision seems affected by this, I’ve been noticing a “jumpy” or twitchy sight. It’s not my eyes, but whatever it is that I look at, it seems to twitch.

My body is shivering like I’m cold, but I’m not. I’ve also experienced a sudden need to have a bowel movement. Not diarrhea, but I’ll suddenly get bloated, gas pains, and a need to go to the bathroom.

I haven’t slept well since I got home from work. What I’m feeling in my head doesn’t let me relax and sleep. I suspect what I had for lunch at work is the cause of it.

Age: 34
Medications: No medications

I’ve been having trouble swallowing the last couple of months?

I’ve been having trouble swallowing the last couple of months. It feels like my food is sticking in my throat and I’m going to choke and then I’m gasping for air. It’s getting worst. Even liquid is difficult now. It feels like there’s a lump on the right side of my throat making it hard to swallow. I’m terrified it could be cancer like my father

Age: 39
Medications: Metformin, co codamol, fluoxetine, gliclazide
General Information: I’m diabetic. I’m waiting to see a ear nose throat specialist but it’s not for another four weeks. I’ve asked for an earlier appointment but they say the clinic is full up. I’m frightened it could be cancer (like my father) and it’ll be too late by then

I got food stuck in my esophagus and spent several hours in severe pain?

I got food stuck in my esophagus and spent several hours in severe pain. I’ve had nothing but liquids since . It’s still slightly painful when I swallow. Can I now try solid food again. This happened Saturday evening . It’s more of a soreness now, but I’m afraid to eat. I had applesauce yesterday and liquids .

Age: 75
Medications: Prozac, musinex, brovana and bunesonide via nebulizer 2xday, Advil, famotodine.

May have tonsils and my gastroenterologist thought I had ulcerative colitis, need second opinion?

Age: 27
Medications: Claritin-D
General Information: – Age : 27

– Sex: Male
– Height: 5’9″ (175.26 cm)
– Weight: 179 lbs (81.19 kg)
– Race: Caucasian/Hispanic Mix
– Duration of complaint: several months for tonsils; since yesterday for rectum

– Location (Geographic and on body): California; Mouth; Rectum

– Any existing relevant medical issues (if any): Possibly have Ulcerative Colitis
Current medications (if any): I take an antihistemine
Include a photo if relevant (skin condition for example)

I really appreciate any medical advice given; I’ve been trying to get ahold of my primary for the past 3 days only to get the voicemail so I’m here trying to figure out what’s going on. Thank you for taking a look even if you aren’t able to leave a reply.

Picture of rectum (please note purple bumps towards the top and the big bump at the center right):


Picture of tonsils(to note, my last test for many stds revealed that I didn’t have anything. Have not had sex since then.):


I will be seeing my primary at some point but I’m here to see how severe it is and if there are any things I can be doing to lessen the issue. Thanks again for taking the time.

Other things to note:

– my last gastroenterologist thought I had ulcerative colitis but started to feel that he knew longer knew and referred me to Cedar Sinai so that they could figure it out. Unfortunately I can’t afford to go.

– I’ve had the tonsil issue since October 2017 got tested for stds and put on various antibiotics with no resolution.

– This bump(I first noticed it yesterday) seems to be a result of overeating last weekend(it was a cheat day; I have had a very strict 1400 calorie diet the other 6 days of the week for the past 2 months) that resulted in me having many bowel movements the following morning. I was curled up in the fetal position from the amount of bowel movements (for reference, I have a very high pain tolerance). I also had a butt plug in me for several hours two days ago.

I went to the Er Saturday night for chest, left arm pain they diagnosed me with gerd?

I went to the Er Saturday night for chest, left arm pain they diagnosed me with gerd. I was taking medication they prescribed and it wasn’t helping. I went again last night for trouble swallowing and pain right where my ribs end in the middle and they just gave me IV fluids and some other medication that didnt help but made me get a migraine. They prescribed me that medication but it doesn’t help all it does is make my head hurt. I am not today experiencing left arm pain, back pain, and neck pain and I have no energy I feel like a zombie it’s hard to even walk even taking the liquid medication the prescribed me I can barely eat or drink still. I’m wondering if I should go back to the hospital or try a new one or just push through this. They did an EKG on my heart and said it was fine and that my blood work was fine. I don’t feel fine though.

Age: 21
Medications: Zantac, carafate, protonix
General Information: Had my gall bladder removed

I have had an issue with my stomach since. December 2nd 2017?

Hello. I have had an issue with my stomach since. December 2nd 2017. Had an endoscopy done last month. Only found gastritis (biopsy was clear…no precancer or h.pylori infection ) and hiatal hernia. Upper middle stomach near rib cage been hurting really bad but now my upper left side is hurting really bad. Can’t eat (wasn’t eat much anyways) and can’t bend over. Now left breast is inflamed all the way in,my arm pit and can’t move my arm at all. What exactly could it be ? Not just gastritis

Age: 42
Medications: Coumadin (MECHANICAL HEART VALVE), Simvastatin, Digoxin, Protonix, medical marijuana and allergy drops (allergist concoction)
General Information: I have attached ER admit notes.

Experiencing a dull ache on the lower right side of my abdomen?

I have been experiencing a dull ache on the lower right side of my abdomen. It has been around for a few years, and it comes and goes. It feels like a very dull pain, or a burning sensation. It doesn’t feel swollen. Touching the affected area doesn’t hurt, I really have to press on it to feel the pain. I don’t have a fever, or nausea. I provided a picture and marked where I feel the pain.

I have noticed that I get this ache when my menstruation is about to start. I’m due to begin any day. I’m just hoping it’s not something serious like appendicitis. Thank you.

Age: 34
Medications: No medications
General Information: I haven’t seen a doctor about it.

Pain in stomach when I eat, is it something serious?

Hello doctor. I have a pain in the middle of my stomach area. Gets worse after I eat and when I lye down. Pain also shoots back directly towards my back at that general area. Is it something serious. My sister also had the same problem and my grandmother too. Both had gallbladder problems. Do you think I may have the same problem. Thank you.

Age 46
Medications: naproxen

Can I have a stomach bug without vomit or diarrhea?

Can I have a stomach bug without vomit or diarrhea? The last 2-3 days had bad pains extremely nauseas. I’ve been taking zofran because I have a fear of throwing up but I’m not sure without diarrhea what else it could be. I have anxiety but this isn’t my normal anxiety nausea and I’ve been around people recovering from a bug. And will suppressing it with zofran make it worse? I can handle diarrhea but that’s not happening either so I’m confused.

Age: 35
Medications: Zofran Ativan

My cholesterol and liver enzymes are high and was feeling sick?

I had fever and vomiting about four weeks ago. I shed about 4 Kg. Now I am feeling well but I have had blood tests done and the results show my cholesterol and liver enzymes are pretty high. i also have swollen lymph nodes on neck near top of spine. What can this be? Just wondering if its cancer or some type of other disease or infection?

Age: 23
Medications : None