Experiencing a dull ache on the lower right side of my abdomen?

I have been experiencing a dull ache on the lower right side of my abdomen. It has been around for a few years, and it comes and goes. It feels like a very dull pain, or a burning sensation. It doesn’t feel swollen. Touching the affected area doesn’t hurt, I really have to press on it to feel the pain. I don’t have a fever, or nausea. I provided a picture and marked where I feel the pain.

I have noticed that I get this ache when my menstruation is about to start. I’m due to begin any day. I’m just hoping it’s not something serious like appendicitis. Thank you.

Age: 34
Medications: No medications
General Information: I haven’t seen a doctor about it.

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Arti Sharma
11:08 pm

It could be due to Premenstrual syndrome, which causes cramps 1-2 days before periods.Are your cycles heavy or normal? In appendicitis along with pain in right lower abdomen, there is fever and nausea, and as you mentioned pain is since many years so its not appendicitis.
Its best to consult a Gynaecologist and get evaluated .
Keep me posted. Take care.

Original Poster
Original Poster
12:55 am

Thank you for responding Dr. Sharma. Yes, my periods are heavy, and cramps are very painful on the first two days. They are usually on schedule. I notice I skip a month when I consume a lot of tofu products.

Dr.Honey Arora
6:20 am

Thanks for the query..

Well it is not related to Appendicitis rather it is related to your menstrual cycle only..
It is common to have pain and discomfort a day or two before period..
Missing for a month is probably due to some hormonal imbalance..
So once you can get checked by a Gynaecologist..
A pelvic ultrasound and a hormonal profile can be dome for further confirmation..

Keep updating your reports so that I can guide you better..

Hope this helps..


teresa greenfield
teresa greenfield
9:24 pm

I don’t have periods anymore and I have the same pain, dull deep pain in my lower right side,been going on for a year, and it has come and goes.