I have high Neutrophils , high Triglycerides and high Monocytes?

Hello, I’m a 41 year old male in moderate shape. I just got my blood test back and it has high NEUTROPHILS 12.3 x 10*9/L, high TRIGLYCERIDES 4.87 mmol/L, and high MONOCYTES 0.9 x 10*9/L. What would the cause be for this? I have had blood in my stool for 2 weeks and coughed up some blood two mornings last week but nothing since.

Age: 41
Medications: pantoprazole
General Information: Blood in stool that lasted 2 weeks and blood in cough two mornings last week. Fatigue and occasional dizziness.

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Dr. Javez Ernesto
7:10 pm

High neutrophils and monocytes indicate you are fighting off an infection, and/or reacting to inflammation. High triglycerides can result from obesity, bad diet, lack of exercise. Coughing up blood and blood in stools probably indicates gastrointestinal bleeding. There could be several causes. Infection. Stomach ulcers. Gastritis, Polys. Diverticulitis. Tumors. Esophagus problems. Further investigation will be required. Stool test, upper endoscopy, colonoscopy is recommended.

Dr.Honey Arora
2:07 pm

High neutrophils and monocytes are most common sign of ongoing or recently passsd infection..

High triglycerides is a common occurrence in obese people or with those having bad eating habits, sedantary lifestyle, lack of exercise or other causes.

They need to be taken care of as it can clog arteries..

Blood in stools as well as coughing blood is probably related to digestive tracts..
Common causes can be ulcers..
But for a confirmation an Endoscopy is a must..

So my suggestion is to consult an Emergency room and get a thorough examination done..

Hope this helps..