I went to the Er Saturday night for chest, left arm pain they diagnosed me with gerd?

I went to the Er Saturday night for chest, left arm pain they diagnosed me with gerd. I was taking medication they prescribed and it wasn’t helping. I went again last night for trouble swallowing and pain right where my ribs end in the middle and they just gave me IV fluids and some other medication that didnt help but made me get a migraine. They prescribed me that medication but it doesn’t help all it does is make my head hurt. I am not today experiencing left arm pain, back pain, and neck pain and I have no energy I feel like a zombie it’s hard to even walk even taking the liquid medication the prescribed me I can barely eat or drink still. I’m wondering if I should go back to the hospital or try a new one or just push through this. They did an EKG on my heart and said it was fine and that my blood work was fine. I don’t feel fine though.

Age: 21
Medications: Zantac, carafate, protonix
General Information: Had my gall bladder removed

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Dr. Javez Ernesto
9:56 pm

Your doctors ruled out any heart problem. Diagnosis: GERD. So we must assume your pain is caused by GERD. The medications that were prescribed take time to work. First you should complete the course of the treatment as prescribed by your doctors. Secondly, Carafate helps protect your stomach lining – that takes time about 1 – 8 weeks. So I don’t think going back to ER will change anything. Of course, if pain persists or gets worse or other symptoms appear you should consult, otherwise waiting a little might be the right course of action.

Dr.Honey Arora
5:18 am

Hi.. Thanks fr writing to us.. Your explanation is pointing towards GERD only and as the pain is due to injury caused by the stomach acid, therefore the pain and discomfort needs time to go as the lining of the stomach and food pipe will heal gradually.. You should continue taking the medicine and along with it eat more of probiotics like Yoghurt. Drink plenty of water. Sleep with head slightly raised as compared to feet so that the acid does not come up. Sleep in left lateral position.. If the symptoms continue to worsen or exaggerate you can consult… Read more »