I have had frequent bowel movements?

I have had frequent bowel movements. 4 within the first hour of waking up.Two were normal and two or looser not watery. No other symptoms but experiencing a great deal of anxiety lately. Happened three times last week and then stopped and again this morning

Age: 55
Medications: None
General Information: Not yet! Need to schedule colonoscopy but unsure if this is an immediate concern

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Dr. Javez Ernesto
9:43 am

At this point it is not yet a problem, as long as you are not experiencing abdominal pain and there is no blood or pus in your stools. Frequent bowel movements can occasionally happen and can occur due to eating certain types of foods or experiencing unusual stress levels. Try to relax and eat a regular balanced diet – things should return back to normal soon.

Dr.Honey Arora
8:14 am

Thanks for the query,.

It can be moderate infection or due to excessive stress and improper sleep pattern.
Eating very heavy and spicy meals with lots of junk food can also cause irregular bowel movements..
So my suggestion is to start taking plenty of fibres in diet, salads, green vegetables, fruits can help.
Drink plenty of water.
Do regular exercise.

Hope this helps..