I had a vasectomy but my girlfriend says she is pregnant?

Question:  from a 52 yo male, good health. In the course of dating a 36 yo woman, a situation has arisen which I cannot find any clarification on beyond the normal conclusion.

In October 2020 the relationship had escalated to a sexual nature and in the same month, she contracted the COVID 19 Delta variant. About 1 month later she advised that she had 2 positive pregnancy tests conducted at home (with faint lines on each test). She went to her OB/GYN and they confirmed the formation of a gestational sac via ultrasound.

The problem is I had a vasectomy in 2011 and verified the procedure with 2 follow-up exams 60 and 90 days apart which concluded at that time that no sperm was present in the semen. I know there are cases where vasectomies have failed but my research indicated they are less than 1% as time progresses. Last week, February 10, 2021, I had another semen analysis conducted, under the guidance of a Urology office. The lab indicated that there was NO sperm present in the semen sample delivered that day.

So I am either being lied to when she vehemently denies having sex with someone else or is there a remote possibility that her ordeal with COVID 19(d) somehow messed with her body into thinking it was pregnant? She had other oddities with COVID, Thyroid problems which have now cleared up, Pneumonia which has cleared up, 2 DVTs that have gone away with the only lingering issue of permanent scarring on her lungs from the Pneumonia. I have read that the medical community still has some difficulty determining exactly what COVID can and can’t do to a body so is there any case where it can cause a woman’s body to think it’s pregnant and react accordingly when in fact it is not? Thank you.

Answer: Hello. Of course there is a remote chance that the vasectomy failed but – in my opinion – the chances are 1 in 100,000.

Dr. Isabelle Dandurand