Doctors want to push postpartum depression pills again?

I had a baby in nov. 1 week later i had emergency hysterectomy and blood transfusions. 5 weeks later i started ending up in ER every few days same problems: shortness of breath , racing heart ,PVCs , legpain, dizzyness, blurry vision, memory and cognitive problems,faintness, even from the smallest activity. All i could do lay in bed.They all said its only in my head and all doctors kept pushing post partum depression pills. Finally end of january they did an iron panel and that showed extremely low iron levels and ferritin levels. Which meant my body made faulty (small size) red blood cells thta didnt carry enough oxygen in my body after the surgery (for months) . They gave me 2 iron ivs and discharged me . By now (april) blood normalized, but i still have the pvcs, cant really leave the house, brain and eyes didnt improve either. This is not a life .Doctors want to push postpartum depression pills again … my question is where to go from here? Is the damage permanent? Who can improve my condition? (On brain MRI there are more than 10 spots in white matter that could be caused by hypoxic ischemia) . Thank you for your answer in advance

Age: 40
Medications: Xanax for 1 month (to be able o deal with this condition for 5 months now )
General Information: Before this i was a very active, very healthy, very bright person. I live in (—-)

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Dr. Javez Ernesto
12:54 pm

The white spots found on the MRI need further investigation. Although white spots can be of no consequence and often found in MRIs of older people, considering your age the white spots may mean there is an underlying condition. I recommend you consult a Neurologist with your MRI. Depending on the size and location of the spots and based on your symptoms, the Neurologist may be able to provide a possible diagnosis after examining the MRI and comparing his interpretation with those provided by the Radiologist.

Original poster
Original poster
2:00 pm

Thank you, but maybe I wasn’t clear enough. All the symptoms I had was from low iron low ferritin. For months… My main question is : is this damage that stems from oxygen deficiency ( my brain, my blurry vision, my PVCs ) that was there for months . Can this be improved, or where to go ? My pcp said now my blood is good, i sgould be symptom free. However I am not. So is this damage permanent or what specialist should I go see? Thank you

Dr. Javez Ernesto
2:33 pm

If you still experience symptoms, the problem has not yet been diagnosed. If you suffered consequences from iron and ferritin deficiency, you need to know exactly what they are. The white spots in MRI may not have been caused by Hypoxic-ischemic but by some other condition. I think you should confirm by consulting with a Neurologist.

Dr.Honey Arora
8:39 am

Thanks for the query..

White spots in white matter should be immediately checked and corelation should be done with symptoms.

A Neurologist appointment should be made and proper examination should be done..

Taking depression pills should be avoided till a proper diagnosis is made as it can further worsen the condition.

Also as Iron levels are low the iron supplements should be continued..

Hope this helps..