I am pregnant, is it twins and are my thyroid levels normal?

Hi doctor I am 5 weeks 4 days pregnant. Please let me know if I need to increase thyroid dosage I am currently taking 50. Also the hcg levels look elevated to me is there a possibility of twins. Or does that indicate a singleton pregnancy? I am just wondering if it is multiples as it looks high to me but maybe it’s normal for a single.

Age: 25
Medications: Euthyrox 50

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Domina Zluf
1:01 pm

Your thyroid levels are normal. Your HCG levels are elevated but you are nearing the 6 week mark and HCG are changing at this stage. Nothing really to worry about. You can do another test or US to confirm.

Arti Sharma
11:07 pm

Hcg levels rise as pregnancy advances. Thyroid levels are normal. Its too early to say you have twin pregnancy.
You will need a repeat ultrasound after few weeks to confirm about twin pregnancy.
Take care

Dr.Honey Arora
3:35 am

Your HCG levels are rising well..
Some fluctuations are normal..
Do not worry..
As well as thyroid profile is all within limits..
Wait for some more time to get confirmation about twins for which you need ultrasound done..