I have a scaly rash on my chest, need a second opinion?

I have a problem with my nipple/areola, it is painful and often itchy. The skin is scaly and constantly looks like a rash or something. I have been to a doctor before and came away with cream for fungal infection. The doctor was unsure though and it’s obviously still here.

Age: 27
Medications: None
General Information: I have seen a doctor, given anti-fungal infection cream. Didn’t clear up

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Dr. Javez Ernesto

A few questions: How long have you had this? How long have you been using the anti-fungal cream? Do you feel any lump beneath the rash? Have you changed your soap or other lotion recently?

Arti Sharma
6:19 am

Since when are you having this rash?
How long have you been taking antifungals?
Another differential is dermatitis.
Geti t examined by a dermatologist

Original Poster
Original Poster
9:02 am

It has been there far too long, over a year. I used the cream for probably 3 months with no change. I have at different times thought it was going away only for it to return. I’ve never found a lump although the hard skin sometimes feels like one but I would have thought would be more under the skin?

Dr. Javez Ernesto

It looks like some form of eczema. You can see a Dermatologist for a blood test and skin biopsy to confirm. But purely as a precautionary measure I would get a mammogram to rule out any underlying disease.

Dr.Honey Arora
10:03 am

You need to get a blood test done along with a microscopy of scrapings from the rash..
Further investigations and management can be done accordingly..

Hope this helps..


Dr. Javez Ernesto

To be more precise , underlying disease such as Paget disease of the nipple

8:27 am

Please get checked for Inflammatory Breast Cancer. This type of breast cancer occurs on the skin of the breast as a itchy rash & is often misdiagnosed. Better to have it checked out & make sure. Good luck.

Daisy Miranda
Daisy Miranda
3:14 pm

Hi, I had a small spot on my areola that is scaly as well. Doctor gave me a anti fungus cream. Did you get a mammogram? I’m wondering what the outcome was and if I should get a second opinion.

4:30 pm

I’m 18. I have the same issue and it looks VERY similar. I have not yet been to a doctor about it and I’m wondering if I should or if it’s from my MCAS flare ups. Have you figured out what it is?

Kimberly M.
Kimberly M.
10:34 am

Just wondering if you ever found out what it was..