I have acne breakouts and head pain, is this caused by menopause?

Im in lyme remission after 2o yrs of Lyme. Several yrs ago I had to have a hysterectomy bc of the damage from the Lyme. Two months ago I’ve started having acne breakouts that are around my jawline. Also for the past week I have the sensation of someone pulling my hair out. Could these maybe be menopause or something more serious?

Age: 44
Medications: Nothing.
General Information: Also have mthfr gene defect and on vit d supplement. Not of anything that’s a medication

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Domina Zluf
11:45 pm

Yes. Menopause or perimenopause hormonal changes will cause acne breakouts especially in the T zone – chin, jaw, forehead – and cheeks. You can also experience some sort of scalp pain which would explain your “pulling hair out” feeling.

Dr.Honey Arora
3:38 am

Yes, the symptoms can be due to menopause..
You should get treated for acne and take pain relievers for scalp pain after consulting a Physician..

Hope this helps..