Pain is now going up my leg?

I’m almost 62 I was in my garage working on a car a tool fell on floor I got down pick it up i started back up almost standing straight up and lost my balance fell on hy knee maybe a tool. This was last Saturday, never hurt knee, but, hurt left side of leg below knee, thought maybe broke leg, I have no insurance I work for a week pain left that area, but is now going up my leg almost to top. should I be worried of a blood clot This morning my leg was red some It seems to be okay now, even pain not bad. Was headed for hospital. Should I wait Thank You

Age: 61
Medications: none

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Dr. Javez Ernesto
8:13 am

Sounds like a synovial fluid buildup. You may have ruptured a membrane which is forcing synovial fluid up your leg and creating that pain you are referring to. I think an x-ray is a good idea to rule out any problem.