I have had some shoulder and neck pain that has got a bit better?

I have had some shoulder and neck pain that has got a bit better I also developed ulnar nerve entrapment. I have seen a doctor while in Denmark who suggested physio and ibuprofen, paracetamol. I am now in France and whilst the neck symptoms reduced I still had symptoms of ulnar nerve problem. I saw Dr who prescribed me prednisone. I have taken for 3 days at 60mg but I now want to stop because of side effects and wisdom of this course of action.

Age: 45
Medications: Prednisone

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Dr. Javez Ernesto
4:33 pm

Ulnar nerve entrapment probably related to and a consequence of your shoulder/neck issues. Considering the possible side effects, Prednisone is – in my opinion- a little “heavy-duty” for your problem – although it is an anti-inflammatory medication. I would stick with the recommendations from your Doctor from Denmark. With possible consideration to adding a brace to limit the movement if your problem does not resolve soon.

original poster
original poster
4:46 pm

Thank you for your feedback. I feel more comfortable with this course of action. I would like to be reassured that I can stop the prednisone now after 3 days. Searching the Internet suggests that after 3 days on 60mg I don’t need to taper.

Dr. Javez Ernesto
5:11 pm

3 day use requires no tapering