I have pain behind my left knee?

I have pain behind my left knee. I didn’t hit it, or had any specific accident. The pain just started to appear for no reason at all. It is a mild pain when I am sitting down, but it gets bad wehen I run and lift my foot off the ground. It gets especially bad when I cross my knee over my other leg. What can be the problem and how can I get it to feel better?


I fell at work, hurt my knee, doctor and I disagree on problem?

I fell at work several weeks ago and hurt my left knee. Had an X-ray and no broken bones supposedly. Had an MRI and no tears supposedly. I keep telling the ortho surgeon that I feel something moving in my knee especially when I kneel down. Sometimes a sharp pain with it. He prescribes me meloxicam saying the inflamed muscles rubbing together cause that sensation, but I disagree. It really feels like something moving. Not sure what to do

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