How to earn crypto coins.

Social media

Here’s 3 ways you can start earning crypto money.

1. Find a question you want to answer or comment and post your response in the comment box. 500 to 5000 crypto coins will be automatically added to your account. Crypto can be used for Priority Service Doctor Answers and Video Consultations or sent to your crypto wallet for you to sell, trade or buy goods and services. Learn more about BAZ coins.

2. Earn 50 crypto coins for social sharing. On every question page you can click the social media icons and receive crypto for sharing the question and answer.

3. Earn 500 crypto coins for every new member sign up and 5 crypto coins for every referral visit you send us. Once you log in, copy and paste this affiliate code on your website, social page or email: mycred_affiliate_id

Everyone can participate and get rewarded. Whether you’re a doctor, medical professional, patient, someone with personal experience or a member of the public, we’ve got you covered and have a reward program designed just for you. Contribute by providing answers, comments and insights or simply sharing our content on social media and you’ll be rewarded with crypto money.