Making soap with mother’s milk?

Many mothers are now interested in making soap with their own milk. A way for women to add a personal touch to the care they provide for their children. The idea may surprise – maybe even shock you, but it’s making its way!

To create “mother’s soap” a cold saponification process is used, the milk is mixed with caustic soda. What remains of the components of breast milk after this stage? The soda destroys some properties, of course, but we can say that it still creates a very mild soap for the skin, very creamy and very moisturizing. The breast milk fat is not saponified, and it stays in the soap, which is suitable for baby’s skin.

You can find many recipes for “mother’s soap” on the internet, where the milk is mixed in with mild soap (such as Marseille soap), grated and melted, then with a hint of coconut oil. Great if you have milk in the freezer that you can’t give to a baby, you can even add it to bath water and try it as a moisturizing agent for babies.