Best Cardio Monitors

Here’s 5 Cardio Monitors we believe are the best depending on your particular needs and your budget requirement.

Best Overall

Wellue Heart Monitor at Amazon

“For a super fast and reliable reading, the Wellue is a great buy”

Best Budget

Pyle Bluetooth Fitness Heart Rate Monitor at Amazon

“If you have a limited budget, this heart rate monitor will do the trick. Just an unbeatable price.”

Best Value

Wahoo Fitness TICKR FIT Heart Rate Monitor at Amazon

“The Choice of Champions. The Wahoo is quite popular among professional athletes.”

Best Medical

Wellvue Heart Rate Recording Device at Amazon

“For people who are concerned about their heart health. Reports can be reviewed or shared to your doctor in PDF file for your diagnosis and treatment plan.”

Our Cardio Monitor Pick : Garmin HRM-Pro

Garmin HRM-Pro Review by Doctor D. Zluf


Health and fitness have become an inseparable part of our lives. In the age of COVID, a robust immune system fueled by effective training can often make the difference between life and death. As we struggle to meet our fitness goals for the year, more often than not, we get bogged down in our own mistakes that limit the effect a workout can have. Having integrated technology wrapped comfortably around your wrist that gives you real data on what’s happening around your body will surely serve as a jump start to new heights in your fitness goals.

Garmin HRM is a piece of quite valuable equipment meant to measure your heart rate from Garmin. This is quite useful for all those amateur or professional athletes out there looking to get the data behind their body’s resistance and endurance during training. As a concept, it is quite resilient as it helps track down your body’s progression, especially for athletes. This sort of preparation can make the difference between success or failure during any competition especially in a race. The elastic strap in itself feels incredibly robust and comfortable. After a while, you barely even notice it on your wrist. Especially for intense, sweaty progressions, the slick design makes the Garmin HRM less annoying than other devices. It gives the feel that it is more fit for the purpose than others.

However, not just professionals but also non pro athletes and amateurs like me who enjoy running and biking will find this device quite useful as the stored data will map out your progression and help you lose weight or gain body mass and endurance. Furthermore, you can use it in water without fearing some tech dreadful malfunction, making it so much worthy. Usually, the water will block the ANT signal as you submerge underwater. But, with Garmin HRM, you can record HR data when the watch is out of range and then transfer it all to the watch. Now bear in mind that you have to start the activity on your watch (I recommend Garmin Fenix3) with the HRM connected within range. With over 20 hours of recorded data, you will be given the option to download it once you complete your daily physical data. So far, it has never happened to me – even once – that I lost the stored workout data. Bear in mind that sometimes it can produce a lot and even overflow you with information and stats (which I find quite positive). The output information (provided you don’t have too much difficulty reading it) will help you tweak your workouts. However, bear in mind that if you’re looking for stats on the “weightlifting” type of workout, then I advise you not to take it as the data algorithm isn’t entirely designed for this kind of training.

All in all, Garmin HRM is a robust device that delivers what it promises. It will surely improve your next workout or swim level and help you gain much-needed foresight into the wondrous algorithms that make up your body.

Dr. D. Zluf

My Cardio Monitor Pick: Garmin HRM Pro


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