Best Orthopedic Office Chairs

Here’s 4 Orthopedic Office Chairs we picked out that we thought would help you if you are interested in comfort and correct posture so as to avoid muscle fatigue and body pain.

Best Overall Pick

Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair at Amazon.

“The Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair offers more adjustment options then any other in its class. A great choice.”

Best Budget

Smugdesk Ergonomic Office Desk Task Chair at Amazon.

“Great for general use.The high back design provides maximum lumbar support, comfort and convenience. High-density cushions reduce pressure on the legs and back.

Best Medical Value

Sleekform Ergonomic Kneeling Chair at Amazon.

Ideal for Bad Backs, Neck Pain & Spine Tension Relief. Helps align your back, shoulders and neck, lowers risk of injury. The rocking motion helps increase blood flow and energy and helps you maintain focus and relax for long periods of time.

Our Orthopedic Office Chair Pick : Steelcase Gesture

Steelcase Gesture Chair product review by Doctor John Claude.

If you are suffering from back pain, an orthopedic office chair is an extremely necessary product that can provide you with the comfort and correct posture for making your life comfortable and easy. Most of the time, office chairs are not ergonomically designed to provide you with the correct posture for your extended hours in the office. These chairs cause back pain, so you should opt for an orthopedic office chair that suits your needs and provides you with a comfortable posture and various other benefits.

If you want to invest in a chair and that will make you feel proud and comfortable, this is the right pick for you. The Steelcase Gesture chair is the most comfortable chair that provides you with the comfort of posture and seating position. There are also various medical and orthopedic benefits associated with the chair. The Steelcase has provided various chairs to make your life comfortable and easy, but the Gesture chair exceeds all the other products and models in medical and orthopedical benefits.

Benefits of Steelcase Gesture chair:

Following is the list of medical and orthopedic benefits the chair provides the user through various parts, features, and options.

Posture adjustment

Most of the time, when you are sitting on a chair that is not suitable for you, the first thing that you will suffer is all the strain and tension in your spine. If the chair is not fitted according to your posture and body, the results are back pain, shoulder pain, and muscle fatigue.Without proper height, you will be sitting in an uncomfortable position, and extended use of such a chair could cause injury to the muscles, and back pain is the last thing you want from such a chair. The solution to this problem is an orthopedic office chair that provides you with the correct posture and comfort. The Steelcase Gesture chair is made according to various body needs designed by top orthopedists. The designers studied the human skeleton and various body requirements from a chair before designing this model. When you buy the Steelcase Gesture chair, you get a height adjustment from 16 to 21 inches. The armrests are also adjustable in taking care of your arms and shoulders, and these can be adjusted according to the seat height for a perfect position that is safe for extended use. The product provides you with the seating posture that leading orthopedists recommend.

Back Support

Physicains and Orthopedics Doctors always suggest a chair for office use supporting your spine and providing you with the ease and flexibility to stay seated without any pressure points to cause pain, injury, and other issues.
Not every office chair is manufactured according to the doctor`s recommendations and advice. But this is not the case with the Steelcase Gesture chair. The design and structure of the chair are made according to the recommendations of orthopedics. All the pressure points have been removed to protect your back from strain and pain. The chair supports larger and smaller structures alike. It doesn’t matter if you are a female with a petite structure or a male above 6 feet height. The five-inch height adjustment is enough to cater to your seating posture as per your bones and muscles’ recommendations and needs. The adjustable seat and armrests provide you with ease of adjustment. When you don’t have an ergonomically shaped chair according to your spine, the result is a slouching posture and uncomfortable seating sprees throughout the day. If you keep your spine in an uncomfortable position for some extended time, you will have to suffer pain and agony in the future. The bulge on the back near the bottom holds the spine’s natural curve most comfortably, and you get the chance to keep your spine erect as it should be.
The ergonomic back caters to your needs and protects your spine from the harmful effects of sitting in the wrong position.

Armrest Comfort

When you are working in the office or doing online work from home, you cannot stay in a single position all the time. There comes the time after every few hours that you have to change your position and adjust your arms according to the position you deem comfortable for you. If you have a fixed armrest, the result will be elbow and shoulder joint pain and aching muscles.
The Steelcase has provided you with the perfect solution in all the different seating postures and body types. When you invest more money in a chair, the results are amazing  – like Gesture chair. The armrests offer you four different adjustments to take all the burden from the shoulders and elbows and offer you such a comfortable and ergonomic seating posture that promotes all the orthopedic and medical benefits in keeping your body fresh and productive.

Ergonomic Adjustments

Almost all of the office chairs come with the seat adjustment that provides comfort in the seating position. But when you talk about the Gesture from the Steelcase, you get something extra. You can slide the seat back and forth to get the most ergonomic position to keep your knees in the exact position that makes you feel relaxed and takes all the strain away from your body. Mostl office chairs provide you with height and back adjustments, which is a great addition to the office chair, but these two adjustments only provide you comfort and a safe position for your torso and spine. But the sliding option in the Gesture office chair takes care of all of your body, it helps your knees to stay adjusted to your body position. You get the chance to increase your productivity by keeping your legs and spine in the doctor`s prescribed position that will offer you the leverage for extended time.

Cylinder Options

If you are a person with extra short height or your body crosses the normal limit for a tall person, your requirements are slightly different from the rest. The Gesture chair has cylinders option to cater to the needs of both the extremes. There is a stool option in the chair that makes the cylinder allow you the adjustment from 24 to 32.5 inches. It is the most extended seat adjustment which you can ever find for an office chair. And for the normal range, thither cylinder option provides you with the height adjustment of 16 to 21 inches. The Gesture chair is all about comfort and ease of use. These cylinders are designed and set according to the customers’ needs and demands from different body postures and structures.

Caster Options

Caster or wheel option is not a feature which most of the manufacture ponder their focus upon. This is not the case with the Steelcase Gesture. It comes with two different options in the wheels. You get a caster option for a carpeted floor that provides you comfort in rolling the wheels without any hassle. These wheels don’t dig up in the carpet as ordinary casters, and you get an easy to maneuver chair all the time on various soft surfaces.
The other option is to provide you smooth transition on a hard floor with tile or wooden floor. The hard wheels are made with sturdy material, and they don’t get shaved odd from extended use. The harder wheels offer you a strong structure that protects you from the sudden shock, and noise-free rolling lets you slide the chair as per your ease.

Robust material

The material is chosen according to the demands of your bones and muscles. Everything you see and feel on the chair is the result of fine craftsmanship under the command of orthopedics, who conducted various research and came up with the ultimate solution to provide you with comfort and ease for extended time use. The material is 25% recycled as per weight, and 85 percent material is recyclable, so you don’t have to worry about the footprint and burden on the environment while purchasing the most comfortable chair for your needs.

Over to you

If you look at the tag price of the Steelcase Gesture chair, you might not like investing in the high-priced option for a chair that will remain in your office or your makeshift place to call an office at home. But when you look at all the benefits you are going to get from the product, you will feel confident in investing in the product because you know you will get the comfort which your spine and back were missing for ages. The comfortable chair holds your hips in the most comfortable position and offers you sweat-free sitting for longer periods of time. The armrest is the most powerful feature of the chair and the chair holds your knee in a position to save you from the pain and agony associated with ordinary chairs.

This is not all.

You get various medical and orthopedic benefits from the chair, which we have explained above. The Steelcase Gesture chair is the product of research on the human exoskeleton, body needs for extended seating time, and comfort for your aching muscle. The result is a marvelous product that offers the most comfortable and ergonomic chair to hold your body in a safe and comfortable position for hours daily.

My Orthopedic Office Chair Pick : Steelcase Gesture Chair


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