Everyone can participate and get rewarded.

If you’re a doctor, medical professional, complementary practitioner, patient or just someone with personal experience – we’ve got you covered and have a reward program designed just for you. Join us and contribute by asking medical questions, providing answers and insights on Medical Questions & Answers and you’ll be rewarded with crypto money.

Join us and receive Bazooka crypto coin rewards every time you contribute with a question, answer, comment or insight. The amount of coins you receive per post will depend on your profile.

Doctor Badge

Doctor: 5000 coins per post
(includes MDs, Specialists, Doctors)

Professional Badge

Professional: 2000 coins per post
(includes Nurses, Complementary Practitioners, Holistic Doctors, Laboratory Technicians, Alternative Medicine Practitioners)

Community Badge

Community: 500 coins per post.
(includes Patients, General Public)

Bazooka (BAZ) coins will be sent to your wallet on the 1st of each month.

(5000 BAZ coins = 26.6 USD *) (100,000 BAZ coins = 1 BNB *)

*price fluctuates based on market