I have a whitehead on the underside of my eyelid?

I have a whitehead on the underside of my eyelid. my whole upper eyelid is very swollen and red. the swelling has gotten worse for the last 2 .5 days. there is now swelling on the area between the corner of my eye and nose. Is this something I should go to get checked out by a doctor or will it get better over time?

Age: 37
Medications: started nicotine replacement therapy a day after swelling started

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Dr. Javez Ernesto
1:02 pm

Sounds as though it is a stye (hordeolum) – probably a bacterial infection of one of your eyelid oil glands. Could also be that one of the oil glands is blocked. Normally this should resolve by itself in a week, max 10 days. If no improvement or not resolved by then you should consult – in the meantime apply warm compresses to the eye several times a day to help keep area clean and help open up glands and get oil moving again if blocked.