I have been treated with bipolar disorder, My psychiatrist doesn’t want to prescribe any antidepressant?

I am a 44 years old female. I have been treated with bipolar disorder since I was 20.At the age of 32 I had a brestfeeding psychosis, a psychotic phase.I am taking 10mg AGRIPPA, 100 mg of SEROQUEL and 0,5 mg of RIVOTRIL at night. Lately I started to have social phobia as well and I am defenetely feeling depressed, low.My psychiatrist doesn’t want to prescribe any antidepressants for me, because she thinks it will trigger a manic phase.BUT my social anxiety is really bad, I can’t write and I can’t eat in front of others,plus I really feel very low lately( constant tiredness, a total lack of interest towards other human beings, a total lack of joy, very-very low self-esteem).

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Ayman Darrag
6:55 am

Hi and welcome to question doctors.com
Sorry to hear that.. May be your psychiatrist is right in her decision yes but what you really need is to get psychological counseling sessions with a psychiatrist as medical treatments are not enough and usually has other side effects…
So what you really need is to talk and to get a professional listen and help you overcome your fears by talking..practice ..and advice not medications …

shalini p
11:47 am

hello there
it should be a combination of good professional counselling and anti depressant medicines. only counselling wont help much.