I have Heart Palpitations like i feel my heart missed a beat or its working very slow?

I am 26 years old Male.
240lb 5″9 tall.
I have Anxiety disorder for about 6 yearS bow.
Mostly all the time with Anxiety i have Heart Palpitations like i feel my heart missed a beat or its working very slow and it start working very fast during this i get dizzy all the time palpitations happen mostly when im laying down.For 6 months i was good no heart palpitations they went away,one week agoo i was sleeping and i heart my apartment door someone trying to open and i was scared my heart stopped and i told my self oh gosh now im gonna have heart palpitations again anddd yes now for one week im having heart palpitations i feel dizzy n tired…i had ecg done couple times nothing was find….is this something danger can i die from it..can i work out even if i have heart palpitations?thank you.
Im very scared i have heart disease.

Age: 26
Medications: None

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Dr. Javez Ernesto
2:58 pm

Other than a slightly elevated heart rate (maybe due to testing), results seem fine. Heart palpitations are usually caused by stress, anxiety, or caffeine and are insignificant. You say you suffer from anxiety so that is probably the principal reason. But if you continually feel faint or dizzy every time you have these palpitations, if you have chest pain, if problem persists or gets worse, this may be cause to consult and do some more checks. A Stress test and echocardiogram would rule out any problems.

Dr.Honey Arora
9:30 am

Thanks for the query..

Your symptoms are probably due to anxiety as the reports does not show any major abnormalities..

So my suggestion is to start doing meditation and deep breathing exercises.

Keep yourself busy with work or studies whetever you do.

In case if the symptoms does not improve you should consult a Physician and get evaluated.
A 2D Echo cardiogram can help confirmation.

Hope this helps..