Is it likely/possible for me to have pulmonary hypertension given the triggers, symptoms and diagnosis?

Hi Doctor,

I am a 19-year old female, underweight but have been active and healthy before the onset of my symptoms.

I experience multiple symptoms daily including:
Brief loss of conciousness
Fast resting heart rate
Numbing of hands
Muscle twitches
Couging feeling
Strange sensations in my chest
Chest pain upon strenuous exercise

This was how it started.
Symptoms I had for the first two days were:
Heart and arteries were pounding
Heart rate was fast
Reddish face
Felt very warm/hot
Leg tingling

The triggers may have been:
I ate too much food which compressed my thorax

I may have hypoventilated or did some strange breathing pattern

It’s been two months. The results were all normal for:
Blood tests
Urine tests
Chest xray
Blood pressure

Thus, most problems have been eliminated. The thing is, I am certain that I am NOT just being anxious or stressed.

The only disease I’m worried about is pulmonary hypertension (since I read that diagnosis usually occurs only two years after symptom onset)

Is it likely/possible for me to have pulmonary hypertension given the triggers, symptoms and diagnosis? Or are there anything else that could have led to this exact problem?

Living life in uncertainty and with strange sypmtoms šŸ˜›

Thank you very much for answering

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Dr. Ayman Darrag
Dr. Ayman Darrag

Hi and welcome to question
Your symptoms are less likely pulmonary hypertension as it has many signs that you do not have and other predisposing factors..
Yours likely is linked to(I know you do not like to hear that šŸ™‚ ..)
So you really need to get enough vitamins ,healthy diet and eat many times small 6 meals a day..
Try doing yoga first and gradually return to your activity…
Stress and anxiety can do much more than you think… And you may not know even you are anxious..