I’m a male but biologically a female,may have Avoidant Personality Disorder Symptom?


I’m 19 years old and identify as male, but I am biologically female. (Not out or transitioning ((yet)) )

I think I might have AVPD. In fact I think it’s a very strong possibility. I got almost all (I think but 1) of the criteria, but sometimes just describing them/listing is a little hard for me to really understand as I have ADHD, I get sidetracked and sometimes still don’t even fully understand.

So I’ll just describe my everyday life.

I have extreme anxiety over the smallest things, being alone, going out somewhere public, answering the phone or making a call. (I almost exclusively text) When I go out shopping I tend to hide behind my mother as I’m so umcomfortable. I even stiffen up and walk a little funny. I don’t interact with people correctly. I’ve shoved money into a cashier’/ hand before he even scanned my item. I would willing get F’a so I wouldn’t have to speak in front of the class/give a speech. It’s hard for me to ask help as I’m too anxious and feel like everyone’s looking at me and mocking me.

I have exactly one best friend who I am attached. I do have little fantasies of being loved and the liked.

But I don’t think I’m lesser all the time or too badly affected by others opinions of me.

Sometimes due to my anxiety I’ve deleted social media accounts within an hour and remake them. This happens a lot. Common mistakes and blunders embarrass and affect me a lot more than the average person. Things small as typos, forgetting a certain characters name.
I’m a nale