I’ve been on bed rest for about a month with an intractable migraine?

I’ve been on bed rest for about a month with an intractable migraine. For most of it I didn’t get out of bed except to go to the bathroom. At the end of this month I finally went to the ER and got treatment. I’m still recovering from having had a headache for a month, but I’m now trying to move around more. All of my muscles are weak and going from the bed to the bathroom is always a challenge (~15 feet each way). Often times I need to use a transport chair to return. I’m trying to understand what are things I should expect when recovering from bed rest and what are things I can do the expedite the recovery process. How often should I get out of bed? How long can I sit in a chair for at one time? How much can I sit in one day? My legs have been primarily horizontal for the last month. How much walking is too much? When I get back in bed sometimes my lower legs and feet feel like they’re buzzing and fluttering. They can be achy and a little hot too. This feeling happens towards the end of the day. I used to work out before this and the feeling is unlike normal soreness from exertion, by a long shot.

Age: 29

Medications: Gavapentin 1200mg/day; lomictal 150mg/day; singulair 10mg/day; topamax 75mg/day; ativan 0.5mg/PRN; hydroxazine 50mg/PRN; Imatrax 50mg/PRN; Ketoralac 100mg/PRN; lessina