I have been coughing everyday non-stop, throwing up and my nose would bleed ?

Hello there. I’m 21 years of age and I’m a female. I moved out of state two years ago and every since then i have been coughing everyday non-stop. I moved backed a year ago to the original state i was from but the coughing wont stop. Sometimes it would get really bad. I would throw up from coughing. Sometimes I would even have a hard time throwing up and my nose would bleed from it. I would also get sharp back pain like someone is digging a knife into my back. I don’t get enough sleep because my coughing is bothering me. The worst time it happens is usually the afternoon when i go to work and the night time when i sleep. No one in my family have ever experienced this before. So i have been thinking of what to do. Please let me know if i should go to a doctor and get a examine or do something. Thank You

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