My husband and I are currently contemplating going through our second and IVF cycle

My husband and I are currently contemplating going through our second and (final, due to cost), IVF cycle. I just turned 36 last week and found out in November that I have diminished ovarian reserve after 2 miscarriages, (both trisomies, partial chromosome 9 and complete chromosome 22). The miscarriages came two years after the uncomplicated and natural conception/birth of our healthy 4 year old daughter when I was 31 years old. At 22 years old and in a previous relationship, I had back to back miscarriages, (8 weeks, then blighted ovum), but after the birth of my daughter assumed everything was fine, until the DOR death sentence I received a few months ago. I spent 3 months supplementing with DHEA and ubiquinol before our first IVF cycle in February. They only retrieved 4 eggs, 3 mature, 2 fertilized, both looked good, transfer on day 3, did not take. My doctor was very rushed in our follow-up consultation as we were his last appointment before leaving for Israel for Passover and won’t be back until next week. He advised us to do another round asap since the medication will still be in my system and we should capitalize on that. We went ahead and ordered the medicine and are supposed to start all-over again next Monday. However, I switched careers a few years back and after 2 rounds of grad school am finally working as a high school counselor and teaching 2 social studies classes, it’s my first year. And, if I were a CPA, THIS would be my tax season. A part of me feels as if I should wait until things are not so stressful, but my clinic doesn’t run another cycle until June, (although, I would then be on summer break). Which is more beneficial, taking advantage of the medicine still in my system or waiting until I have less stress in my life?

Age: 36
Medications: DHEA, Ubiquinol