Could it be rectal prolapse?

I have some butt related questions.
First, Is it just me or does my anus protrude? Could it be rectal prolapse?
Second, Is that a skin tag around it? If so, I think I’ll make an appt to remove it. Im very self conscious of both questions.
Thank you.

Age: 22
Medications: Birth control

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Dr. Deepak Patel

Hello. the growth looks like a skin tag. It is harmless. But if you want to have it removed for cosmetic reason it is an easily performed Doctor office procedure. As far as the protrusion is concerned, it does not look like a rectal prolapse. if it were a rectal prolapse it would show signs of redness and it would return back to its normal position after passing stools, which it probably doesn’t. Has this developed recently? If not, It seems to be normal and quite non problematic. Regards

Dra. G Zarate
8:38 am

Hello, it doesn´t show any sign of rectal prolapse. It seems something related to the skin, how long have you had it? For aesthetics it would be a good idea to visit a dermatologist, it looks like something easy to remove. Have an amazing day.

Original poster
Original poster
11:30 am

Follow up question: I went and saw a dermatologist. She said it’s either normal or a hemmeroid. I don’t have any symptoms, so I didn’t think it was that initially. She said just to eat more fiber. Is there anything else I can do to make the bump go away? It just feels like a loose bump of skin.