Had a Coloanal Anastomosis with protectomy procedure, need another PET scan?

My dad who is 55 had Coloanal Anastomosis with protectomy procedure 4 weeks back due to the malignant differential adenocarcinoma in lower 1/3rd rectum. It was not invasive and PET scan was clear for any other area.

Since the surgery, he has become very weak and not feel like eating anything. He has type-2 diabeties as well since last 3 years.
He has temporary illestomy as rectum and a part of colon has been removed, which the Surgeon said will be removed after 6-8 weeks or later depending on healing.

I am not sure if this much weakness is OK?

Also, along with the Ostomy bag on his right side, there are two holes in the left, one for catheter and another for mucus drain. 2 days back they have removed mucus drain but we see mucus leaking from that. I am not sure if that is normal or not.

As per surgeon, his wound is healing well and he should be moving around but its very difficult for him to move more than 10 mins.

Do we need to have another PET in few weeks to understand if we need Radiotherapy or Chemo ?


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Dr.Honey Arora
6:44 am

Hi.. Thanks for the query.. Some individuals can take a.longer time to recover post operatively however in 4 weeks the recovery should be considerable.. As he is not eating well it can also be a cause of weakness as well as it can be a side effect of medication.. Also you need to check his blood sugar levels regularly.. Discuss with the doctor if he needs any nutritional supplements to improve energy levels.. Mucous draining is not normal and should be rechecked for that. Also get checked whether his ostomy pouch is collecting sufficient waste.. If the PET Scan indicated… Read more »