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Dr. Javez Ernesto
8:21 pm

There are chemical addictions and psychological addictions. Ambien creates a psychological addiction it is habit forming which is not as bad as a chemical addiction. BUT Ambien should be used as a temporary solution. Lifestyle and behavioral changes are the only real solution to insomnia. Ideally Ambien should not be used more than 2 weeks. After 6-8 weeks ( more or less depending on the individual) it creates a psychological dependency which is difficult (at times very difficult) and painful to withdraw from. Again, every person is different and “addiction” or “withdrawal” to Ambien varies from person to person.

Dr.Honey Arora
7:37 am

Well addiction to certain drugs especially of it is giving you positive or favourable results then addiction comes up soon.

So it is not advisable to continue Ambine for more than14-15 days and then should be ceased..

You should start doing meditation, yoga, breathing exercises andalso consult a Psychologist for propee counseling in cass of any problem..