How much are the chances for me to get cervical cancer ?

I am a medical student and before 1 month i saw that i have a wart around the anus and today i saw that i had 2 more , so they must have multiplied . I have had anal sex a few times with only one partner and never have had vaginal sex. I want to know if i am at risk of cervical cancer or anal cancer , please help me I am 21 years old , i know there is no way to cure HPV but mostly it goes away on its own right ? If i had only anal sex how much are the chances for me to get cervical cancer ?

Age: 21
Medications: None
General Information: I will go see a doctor today, i showed to my professor , a gastroenterohepatologist this problem and she said it isnt something to worry about it can be cured. I have problem with tonsills

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Dr. Deepak Patel
10:53 pm

Hello. You don’t need to worry about cervical cancer or anal cancer, it is probably just Warts, Perianal Hematomas, Mollusca or some other benign condition. You should consult your Doctor for a physical exam and follow up with STD test. Regards

Dr.Honey Arora
8:30 am

Thanks for the query..

Your symptoms are not pointing towards cancer so you are not at risk.

Yes, it can either be warts or other growths like skin tage but not cancer.

You can consult a Proctologist and get evaluated..

However you can also wait and watch if not too anxious..

Hope this helps..