I feel some pain on my testicles and lower abdomen

I am 20 years old before 2 weeks I drink and smoke around 20 cigarettes after I masturbates also after few days I feel some pain on my testicles and lower abdomen also I don’t know what is this.can u pls tell me.

The testicles and lower abdominal region contain specialized tissues that aid in male hormone regulation and sperm production, as well as musculature and connective tissue that make up the abdominal wall. Abdominal and testicular pain can manifest as sharp stabbing pains, radiating soreness or throbbing aches. These symptoms are caused by a number of underlying conditions.Inguinal hernia often causes pain in the lower abdomen and groin. This condition develops from a weakening of the abdominal wall in the groin region.Testicular torsion — the twisting of a cord-like structure within the scrotum — can also cause testicular or lower abdominal pain. Twisting of this cord cuts off the blood supply to the testicle and other structures within the scrotum. The result is intense pain in one testicle that develops without warning. You should obtain a scan to identify the source of the problem.