I had a partial toe nail and matrix removal, same problem has been coming back?

In March 2017 I had a partial toe nail and matrix removal because the inner top (curricula corner) I had an excess buildup of skin growing outward and causing light pain. Post op care was easy and painless without any issues and further healing was easy and I was careful not to wear heels or tight fitting shoes in the tie area. Now in mid August I’ve been noticing that the same problem has been coming back: the uber top corner at the side and cuticle has been swelling and building up. I’ve not gotten to the salon, have not painted my toenails, nothing since the operation. So I’m curious what the problem could be if the original issue is coming back! Could it be a deep rooted issue with healing and it could be infected? Any ideas? The photo attached showed the issue taken one week between photos with the right being the most current.


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Dr.Honey Arora
12:19 pm

Hi.. Thanks for the query.. As per your complain and the image attached it is appearing like recurrence of the symptoms and as the partial removal was done the remaining portion tend to regrow.. It leads to pain and swelling and common causes of it can be I’ll fitting shoes, improper trimming of the nails, vigorous pedicure,fungal infection, deformed toenails etc. I would suggest you to consult a Podiatrist and get evaluated and a thorough clinical evaluation can help in planning the treatment.. The Physician can advise you to take antibiotics, anti inflammatory painkiller, topical application of a combination of… Read more »

Dr.Honey Arora
12:24 pm

You can also be advised to soak your feet in warm water with Epson salt or white vinegar dissolved in it..
You can also be advised surgical procedure like resection of ingrown portion of nail while at times if there are recurrences then complete nail removal can be advised..