I had developed pain and a hard swelling under the skin directly behind the anus?

I am a white 52 yo heterosexual male. Sunday evening (4 nights ago), I was heavily intoxicated and for whatever reason i decided to try and stick a relatively thick dildo in my backside. There was a condom on it and some lube was used. After persistently trying I only achieved getting about 1/2 the head in until I realized it just wasn’t happening. Monday when I got up I was sore. Remembering what I did, I figured that was normal. By late that night and Tuesday morning I had developed pain and a hard swelling under the skin directly behind the anus. Over the last couple days much to my dismay instead of the swelling going down, it has continued to get worse, also increasing the discomfort. it is very uncomfortable to sit and nearly impossible to work or do much of anything and its been 4 days now. There is no bleeding and using the toilet hasn’t been a problem, so I’m assuming no damage to the anus itself. I have been hoping the swelling came from the blunt trauma of trying to put a big peg in a small hole so to say, possibly traumatizing the external sphincter, and will correct itself. I really don’t want to go to the hospital if I don’t have too, totally embarrassing and also no insurance. I really need to know if my swelling is normal under these circumstances and how long it may take to correct itself, or if It sounds like I have a more serious problem that definitely needs attention. Just to restate, the swelling is directly behind the anus under the skin and about an inch wide and a couple inches long extending up the butt crack, and the swelling has continued to grow for 4 days now. Thank You in advance for any insight anyone can give me.

Age: 52
Medications: None

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Dr. Deepak Patel

Hello. You seem to have developed a swollen vein in your lower rectum. To relieve some of the discomfort, you can use a suppository, this may help. Also try not to force when passing stools. If a clot forms , there may be bleeding. This may resolve by itself but if situation worsens you may need a more thorough exam by your Doctor. Regards