I had smoke inhalation, do I need to be concerned?

It is about 4:15 AM, 1/19/18. Two hours ago my truck caught on fire inside the cab. The whole cab filled with smoke, before I finally realized that the smoke was coming from inside the truck. My throat hurts, and I feel like I have a head and lungs full of smoke. I got home a few minutes ago by a taxi cab. Do I need to be concerned about this smoke inhalation?

Age: 67
Medications: (Back injury from fall down steps) Morphine Sulfate Contin, twice a day. Norco, twice a day. Protonix, twice a day. Hydrochlorathiazide, once a day. Elavil 25mg. for leg pain. One month ago, I asked for Wellbutin, because Zoloft had not worked during the two years I took it (after my mother died).
General Information: No. It just happened. I was going to wait and see if I felt better in a few hours, but I just thought I should ask if that is advisable.

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Dr. Javez Ernesto
9:21 am

Based on the information you provided, you seem to have had just a minor exposure to smoke and have minor symptoms. You should consult if you have an existing pulmonary problem. If materials that burned were dangerous or toxic. You should also consult if coughing persists, you feel weak, have any difficulty breathing or speaking whatsoever.

Dr.Honey Arora
12:58 pm

As of now it does not look serious.
But if there is any worsening of symptoms then you should consult an Emergency room immediately..

Hope this helps.