I had smoke inhalation, do I need to be concerned?

It is about 4:15 AM, 1/19/18. Two hours ago my truck caught on fire inside the cab. The whole cab filled with smoke, before I finally realized that the smoke was coming from inside the truck. My throat hurts, and I feel like I have a head and lungs full of smoke. I got home a few minutes ago by a taxi cab. Do I need to be concerned about this smoke inhalation?

Age: 67
Medications: (Back injury from fall down steps) Morphine Sulfate Contin, twice a day. Norco, twice a day. Protonix, twice a day. Hydrochlorathiazide, once a day. Elavil 25mg. for leg pain. One month ago, I asked for Wellbutin, because Zoloft had not worked during the two years I took it (after my mother died).
General Information: No. It just happened. I was going to wait and see if I felt better in a few hours, but I just thought I should ask if that is advisable.