I have been having pain in my mid back, left and right side…at times stabbing?

I am a 41 year old female. I have been having pain in my mid back mostly leftnside but does move to the right. I also have pain in my lower left rib cage. Lately the pain seems to move from left to right in my back and both sides. What could this be cause by. Oh and sometimes the pain is stabbing.

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Dr. Javez Ernesto

Back pain can be the result of a number of causes, an inappropriate movement, lifting a heavy weight or a degenerative disease. Try applying a cold compress and see how things go. Remember, to keep your back moving. Don’t overexert yourself, but moving your back will keep it flexible and help reduce pain in the long term.

Ayman Darrag
6:14 am

Hi and welcome to questiondoctors.com.
This pain is usually due to muscle strain or overuse.ur back muscles are week and you may have a forward overweight (abdomen or breasts) or carrying things may be..
Try doing cold packs then hotpacks and a chiropractor can help you with it.