I have experienced spots all over my face, diagnosed with Lupus and auto immune hemolytic anemia?

I am a 22 yr old female. For the past 3-4 years I have experienced spots all over my face. I had perfect skin until I was 18 and I slowly started to get red spots on my face. Originally I thought it was acne, and I would try to pop them but when I would do that there wasn’t any pus it was clear and oozed. Slowly but surely it started to take over my skin, I tried almost everything except for medications. I must mention six years ago I was diagnosed with Lupus after I was in the hospital with auto immune hemolytic anemia. My rheumatologist didn’t seem very convincing when he told me, he said that I had 7 out of the 11 criteria and put me on plaquneil. I stopped taking plaquneil after having adverse side effects and slowly recovered. Jumping back to my skin issue, I have always been very clean, I was my hands, nothing hardly touches my face, my foundation is fine when I wear it (Laura mercier) and I drink a decent amount of water. Organic soaps, and non sulfate soaps hardly help. My old doctor put me on mupirocin cream which worked and then it wouldn’t and then it would. The cream is too expensive so I have to ween myself off of it. I was on that cream almost everyday for a year and a half. My climate in my hometown is very extrodinarly hott and it seemed more aggravated when I lived there and I was always outdoors. I moved to the Bay Area and began working from home and saw improvement. I was in a controlled temperature and I didn’t have sun exposure. I have been looking into this for years and I am so insecure about my skin, I want to wake up in the morning without these spots and feel good about myself. Please give me suggestions! Thank you so much.

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