I have had headaches for the past 2 days?

I am a 26 year old old woman. have had headaches for the past 2 days that seem to shift frequently in positions.Now I feel sharp pain above my eyebrows at some points.Right now it is the left eye along with pain when my left eyeball.Ii especially feel when looking at light. hours Earlier it was above my right eyebrow.In addition i feel pain brhind my left eyeball.My lymph nodes hurt when I touch them.Ithink my neck is a bit stiff.this may be as a result of falling off my bicyle 2 weeks ago.I was wearing a helmet but my neck hurt when I turned it sharply for the first few days.

Age: 26
Medications: Adderall not currently on it.
General Information: I have no fever.I havr checked eveyday rextally.Iwas doing yard work two days ago near a pond.I washed my hand aftet finishing my tasksI.am currently on.my menstrual cycle.Pain in left eye area feels like someone is cutting there.
I feel sudden pain on left side of my head even though I took extra strength non opiod pain pills..

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Dr. Javez Ernesto
7:57 am

Sounds as though you are suffering from a cervicogenic headache probably caused by your bicycle accident. An evaluation of your neck needs to be done – posture etc. A medial branch block and MRI may be required for diagnosis. If confirmed, different treatment options are possible-including medication and physical therapy.

Dr.Honey Arora
8:00 am

Well, you need to get examined once to rule out the cause. It can be stress related headache, migraine or in case if there is associated pain on face, nasal congestion or drainage etc then it can be due to sinus induced pain.
If you got trauma on your head then it can be due to head injury that needs examination and an MRI Scan.
So it is better to consult an Emergency room and get checked and appropriate medicine can be advised accordingly.

Hope this helps..