I have SpondyloArthritis.I am taking medicine for more than 6 months?

I am 31 year male and I have SpondyloArthritis.I am taking medicine for more than 6 months.
But from last 15 days I am feeling extreme pain in my right knee and left hip.The pain exists in the right side of my knee.Though I have no fever but there is too much heat in that area of the knee.There is also little swelling in that side.

For last 9 days I am taking Aceclofenac 100mg twice daily but I am not getting much relief.

The medicines that I am taking right now are-
Methotrexate – 20mg on Sunday
Folic Acid – 5mg on Wednesday and Thursday
Sazz – 1.5gm – twice daily
Shelcal 500mg – twice daily
Pantop 40 – everyday before breakfast
Aceclofenac – 100mg – twice daily
Calcirol granules 60,000 IU one sachet – once in a month

At last I visited my doctor and he has told me to take Defcort 6 mg – once daily for 1 month.I have heard this is steroid and taking steroid is very bad for health.
So I visited to another doctor who is near to me.He has suggested me to take Alanz for 5 days,and Retoz 120 mg for 20 days followed by 90 mg for 10 days.But he has changed the dozes for Sazz from 3gm to 1.5 gm daily and Methotrexate from 20mg to 15mg.
Now I have got confused and can not decide what should I do.
Please help.
Thanks in advance.

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Ayman Darrag
8:21 am

Hi and welcome to question doctors.com
The medications you are taking are so much enough for the case ..what you can do is treating yourself in another way..
Rest..ice application for the inflamed joint..and hydrotherapy underwater exercises …physical therapy …local anti inflammatory gels are much better …