I got hit by a car.I have two big holes in my leg around my knee. They haven’t healed?

29. Female. I take lamictal/lamotragine and adderall when I remember, probably way too much ibuprofen this month. I got hit by a car 1 month ago yesterday. I have two big holes in my leg around my knee. They haven’t healed and for a week the top hole smelled weird. There was a half baseball looking lump below my knee that hurt, 7 level pain. It was basically a pocket of blood and when I pushed it out, it was bad smelling chunky craisin looking. It smelled nothing like the way blood normally smells. I’ve been resting, cleaning and icing my knee but the area around ithe bottom puncture is oddly firm, discolored, swollen, ……..numb and painful at the same time. Almost as soon as I got hit I started feeling like I’m getting a UTI. Could that be related? Do I really have to go in? If go in what will happen


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Ayman Darrag
8:15 am

Hi and welcome to question doctors.com Having a bad odour in a wound that did not heal for a month means it is infected and needs extreme care… Wound cleaning may be done with soap and water to wash away germs and decrease the risk for infection. A doctor may cut open a part of the affected area to clean it better. The wound may be rinsed with sterile water. Germ-killing solutions may also be used. Objects, dirt, or dead tissue from the wound will be removed with debridement (surgical cleaning). Wet bandages may be placed inside the wound and… Read more »