My Daughter is suffering brain cancer, now in deep sleep. unable to talk, what do we do now?

My Daughter 17 years old, she is suffering brain cancer GBM since 1 year, She had undergone for 3 major operation to remove the tumor. The fourth operation is to fixed shunt, now she is always is in a deep sleep. unable to talk, difficulty in swallowing the food. I wanted to know if i can move forward with further medication or what is your suggestion.

You Prompt reply will be appreciated.

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Ayman Darrag
8:05 am

Hi and welcome to question
Dwveloping These symptoms after a brain tumor surgery removal and a shunt is an issue that needs long was the shunt done?
If it is recent in few weeks then it is supposed to get these symptoms temporarily ..but if longer then this may indicate something is compressing the cranial nerves or brain tissue which might be the shunt..CSF ..or MRI and neurosurgeon consultation is necessary …
Speedy recovery wishes..