I have Superficial thrombophlebitis of the SSV and the left LSVI, please advise?

2 weeks before feeling pain, swelling and redness at left
thigh within two days it moved to calf that time the
ultrasongraphy done and result says reactive left
inguinal lymphadenopathy
Superficial thrombophlebitis
of the SSV and the left LSVI take aspirin 80 mg for 2 day
The swelling and redness disappear fell itching pain and
After a week do the scan again and the report says normal
But the numbness same
Now I am Taking

Lyrica 75mg

Tilax 4mg
Methycobal 500mg

Almost 4 days, But no changes and feeling
numbness on arm and forearm muscles too
This is the current status no pain numbness only
what I should do?


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Dr.Honey Arora
12:39 pm

Numbness is commonly due to thrombophlebitis and can take some time to get better once the swelling and redness subside.
Can you tell is the numbness increasing or getting better or is there no change at all?
Also are you experiencing numbness in arms and forearm only or is it in your thigh also?
Any other areas having numbness or do you experience any weakness in hands and legs while movement?

Please revert back..