I was diagnosed with carotid artery disease last year wondering if what my doctor has done is right?

I was diagnosed with carotid artery disease last year. I am a 51 year old female. I live in a little town and was wondering if what my doctor has done so far sounds right. I was having chest pains on exertion so I went to the doctor and he did a angiogram on me. He said he found a blockage and wanted to show it to the surgeon while I was in recovery. After they discussed it he came out and told me they were going to admit me and the surgeon would put a stent in the next day. After the surgeon did another angiogram the next day to put the stent in, while I was in recovery she came and told my husband and I she didn’t put one in because the blockage was only 30-40%. I ended up in ICU that night because the nurses said I had a stent in and couldn’t leave. When I went for a follow up visit with the surgeon, she then told me the blockage was 50-60%. When I questioned that she told me it didn’t matter. She then sent me for a nuclear stress test and a ultrasound. I have been very tired and it’s hard to catch my breath. I told the doctor this and she wants me to go in and do another nuclear stress test. Is all of this necessary? Also, my brother had a hard attack when he was my age and when he finally went in he said they did a couple tests (like take blood and checked something else I can’t remember what it was) and they were able to tell right away he had had a heart attack and went in and put a stent in. Can I ask her just to put a stent in so I don’t have the worry of having a stroke? She has me taking Lipitor. 10mg. Zetia. 10mg. Amlodipine. 5mg. And Plavix 75mg.
My LDL-P was above 1000 before and now it is at 627 and my LDL-C is 56 I currently weigh 200 and am 5’6″. I have lost almost 30lbs. Since this all began. I don’t know if this has anything to do with this but I am also getting bruises all over. I was mowing the grass and the tops of my hands swelled up and bruised just from holding onto the handle.

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Ayman Darrag
12:34 pm

Getting a stent done is indicated if
Left main coronary artery stenosis >50%
Stenosis of proximal LAD and proximal circumflex >70%
You did not tell which artery has stenosis exactly, however if you are having bruising lately I recommend a selective surgery instead of waiting ..
Your diet should be modified and if smoking ..stop.

Ahmed Fawzy
10:21 pm

The bruises are mainly due to Amlodipine , I do not really think you need the stent because your doctor was expecting you to faint during the test, seems like she is forcing it, any way I think you are in great health
Do the stent only if you get headaches frequently
Good Luck

Dr.Honey Arora
6:27 am

A blockage of more than 70% needs to be stented and you are not in that range so you need not to worry and stop stressing as it can add to the discomfort and weakening your heart..
As you are taking Plavix that is a blood thinner therefore it can be a cause for bruising..

So you should consult with a Cardiologist and get the doses titrated accordingly..

For stent as of now you are not eligible candidate so relax..

Hope this helps..