I was recently told by my Dr that my anemia is a level 9 and put on a iron supplement?

I was recently told by my Dr that my anemia is a level 9 and put on a iron supplement. Within a few days, the shortness of breath, fatigue etc has dissipated significantly. Could it just be an iron deficiency or should I be more worried? The information on the internet has me completely terrified and worried.

Age: 46
Medications: Ferrous Sulfate, B12, fish oil and a multi vitamin

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Dr. Javez Ernesto
1:14 pm

9 g/dL is considered moderate Anemia. Many if not most cases of Anemia are Iron Deficiency Anemia. If you are feeling better after just a few days of supplements, that is a good sign. You may just be lacking some Iron in your diet. Further testing can be done to ensure your blood count is and remains good and no other condition is causing your Anemia. You will need to try improve your diet and continue the iron supplementation as per your Doctor’s recommendation. Proper diet and adequate B12 or folate intake will help. Don’t forget that it takes some… Read more »

Dr.Honey Arora
12:58 am

Thanks for the query..

Yes, the symptoms of fatigue and shortness of breath can be due to Anaemia.
These are common symptoms.
As the symptoms are improving you should relax and continue taking iron supplements as advised by your Physician..
The iron levels will have a gradual rise so have patience.
Gradually the iron reading will get better.
Take healthy diet, eat more of foods like Spinach, cauliflower, colocasia leaves.
Red lean meat, soya, iron can help.
Get tested monthly.

Hope this helps..