I’m experiencing sensitivity to light, throbbing and headache?

I’ve have a bad migraine for 6 days that disappears when eating sugar rich foods, but comes back soon after. I’m experiencing sensitivity to light, throbbing, and headaches. My pupils look small/constricted. What is this? is this a migraine? Could it be a tumor?

Age: 27
Medications: Tylenol

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11:30 am

Sounds as though you are experiencing Hypoglycemic Headaches. Due to low blood sugar. This can also be the source of your eye problems. Eating sugar filled foods is not a great solution since it will relieve your headache temporarily but headaches will return. In fact eating sugar rich foods will probably cause worse headaches afterwards. You need to eat small regular meals throughout the day which are low in sugar. Ideally healthy, protein rich and balanced meals. Avoid fasting or skipping meals. If situation persists get a prolonged glucose tolerance test done.