Is balding, light-headedness and fainting signs of a serious disease?

I have visited my doctor several times in the last year about various health issues that I have been faced with but I am no closer to finding out what is going on inside my body. I hope that you can help me in finding the next steps to becoming healthy again.

My most recent concern – and reason for visiting the doctor – was due to random balding. It was said that I had Alopecia Areata because of the circular patches of baldness on the crown of my head. However, blood tests were taken and everything came back fine. The doctor told me that another cause for Alopecia Areata was stress – but the fact that I haven’t felt anymore stressed than I typically would goes against that diagnoses. Nor is my condition genetically inherited. So that leaves the question: for what reason is my hair falling out at such a massive rate? (my largest bald patch is 3 by 4 inches – there is also 3 smaller 1 by 1 inch patches surrounding it).

I also paid my doctor a visit around one year ago due to regular light-headedness and fainting. He suspected that I may be anaemic but blood tests proved otherwise – I was never given a diagnoses or advise on how to deal with this issue. The light-headedness, I have learned to live with. The fainting however becomes more and more dangerous each time it happens. It recently happened when I was outside and alone which resulted in me having a rather unattractive and painful gash on the right side of my face.

I have considered the possibility that these two things might possibly be tied to one another; whether there is something in my blood causing these symptoms, or whether a poor diet could cause such things. However, I am no doctor and couldn’t possibly diagnose myself.

Other information that may be useful:

– Bad eating habits: typically one meal a day with few snacks in between.
– Healthy BMI: 5 foot 3 inches tall, 124 pounds, female, 20 years old.
– Irregular periods.
– Unhealthy appearance: pale skin, purple/yellow discoloration around eyes.
– Bad sleeping habits: undiagnosed insomnia, nightmares, sleep paralyses.

It has gotten to the point where all of these symptoms are interfering with my daily life and I would very much like to move on once and for all. I hope that you can guide me in the right direction. Thank-you.


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Dr.Honey Arora
10:42 am

Can you please upload all the investigation reports that are done?
Also can you tell that do you experience any white flaking or lesions on the scalp?
Are your mensus normal?

Please revert back..