Is it save to have sex with a pulmonary embolism?

Is it save to have sex with a pulmonary embolism or should I just stay away from sex all together. I have asked my doctor but can’t seen to get a straight answer from him would you be able to give me the answer to this question I don’t want to chance doing anything that can kill me

Age: 53
Medications: Xerelto

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Dr. Javez Ernesto
11:26 am

In my opinion it depends on a number of factors 1. the location of the clot. 2. If it is interfering with your breathing and putting additional strain on your heart 3. How far ahead you are with your treatment and if you are stabilized. Generally speaking I would wait until you are stabilized and the clot is no longer creating abnormal stress on heart or diminished breathing.

Dr.Honey Arora
11:56 am

Thanks for the query ..

Well, yes you should abstain from sex if you have any acute symptoms.
In case if you have dyspnoea or breathlessness on exertion, yiy you should avoid sex.
Also once you are stable still wait for another 2-3 weeks before you proceed for sex or any other strenous activity.