Is working the Night Shift bad for your health?

hi Doc. Since May 10, 2017, I’ve started working on a night shift, sitting all the day long, from 8-5. I don’t smoke nor drink. I also sleep at least 8 hrs a day. My friends keep on telling me my kind of work could give me several health complications. They say that the body repairs itself (including the vital organs) during the wee hours of the day and I’m supposed to be resting during those hours, and not working. Is there any truth to this? What should I do to keep myself healthy while working on a night shift?


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Dr.Honey Arora
11:03 am

Thanks for the query..

Yes, it is true that long terms of working with night shifts can cause metabolic problems as well as problems like blood pressure, diabetes, obesity etc..

Shift work disorder can increase the risk of mental health problems like depression. This may be because of the disruption of the circadian system..

Also can cause reduced efficiency due to improper sleep pattern and can cause hampering of focus and concentration..

There are many other side effects of working in night shifts..

Hope this helps..


Dr.Honey Arora
11:25 am


So it is advised to you to try for a regular job profile and for now do regular workout and take a nutritious diet..
Avoid fatty meals and better take plenty of fibres and green vegetables in diet..

Hope this helps..