Last week my whole body ached, fatigued, mild abdominal pain, 6-8 bowel movements a day and no appetite?

Last week my whole body ached, fatigued, mild abdominal pain, 6-8 bowel movements a day and no appetite. The week prior to that I was on amoxicillin 875 2x day for an infection. Yesterday my lab results showed calcium levels at 10.9 and Intact PTH 7 pg. My doctor says wait a month and get retested. I did my lay man’s research and from what I can tell there is nothing that will bring down the calcium level other than parathyroid surgery. What have you seen in your practice with elevated calcium? I’m still aching and fatigued but all other symptoms are gone. Also under a LOT of stress.

Medications: 1 mg Alprazolam — 1 -2 25 mg seroquel

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Dr. Javez Ernesto
Dr. Javez Ernesto

Your calcium levels are slightly higher than normal range. In my opinion you first need to completely treat your existing infection before coming to any conclusion. Once that is done you should retest (maybe infection or antibiotic are causing the imbalance) Then you need to rule out other possible causes – kidney problems, excess vitamin d – and do complete blood count. Yes, iIn many cases a growth on parathyroid glands are the issue and surgery is an option.

Dra. G Zarate
Dra. G Zarate

Hey there!
I have a few questions, what kind of infection did you have? And how old are the PTH and calcium blood tests? Before thinking of surgery, I’ll recommend to finish your antibiotics, then do the PTH and calcium blood tests again with a urinalysis and maybe a Parathyroid US, I’m recommending this so you can feel more confident about your health. The bowel movement can be related, or not, because you’re getting a lot of stress, this can be a Irritable bowel syndrome. Depositions are normal? What about blood pressure?
Best wishes